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Associations and foundations make an essential contribution to the well-being of our society. The challenges begin in the initial phase: it has to be clarified whether the association or foundation pursues charitable endeavours and can therefore receive tax privileges. Thanks to our many years of supporting associations and foundations, we have extensive expertise and – in addition to services such as payroll and financial accounting or auditing – we can also provide you with individual and optimal advice on a wide range of tax planning and optimisation issues.

Christian Kaussen, Wirtschaftsprüfer & Steuerberater

Christian Kaussen

Public accountant and Tax adviser

When it comes to the taxation of associations, there are a large number of tax and legal regulations and special rules that must be observed.

Christian Kaussen has many years of experience in providing advisory services to associations as an accountant and tax adviser and is available to you as an expert point of contact.


Dirk Jagemann, Steuerberater

Dirk Jagemann

Tax Adviser

When advising associations, complex issues such as the assessment of non-profit status for tax purposes, delimitation of business areas and the preparation and auditing of annual financial statements are of relevance.

As a tax adviser, Dirk Jagemann has been supporting associations for many years, and his expertise ensures that you can concentrate on your work in the association.



Annual financial statements​

  • Annual accounts
  • Surplus revenue accounts
  • Statement of assets, donations and membership fees
  • Determination of profits from taxable economic activities

Tax returns

  • Corporation tax
  • Value added tax
  • Trade tax ​

Financial accounting ​

  • Assumption of your accounting
  • Preparation for payment transactions
  • Receivables management
  • Value added tax advance registration

Tax consulting​ ​

  • Asset management
  • Renting and leasing
  • Investments
  • Tax-optimised structuring of economic activities
  • Examination of activities and spheres for their correct VAT assessment
  • Separation of the for-profit and non-profit spheres
  • Non-profit status
  • Introduction of tax compliance systems
  • Company audits
  • Tax planning
  • Tax optimisation

Payroll accounting and personnel administration ​

  • Payroll accounting
  • Special payroll tax issues (benefits in kind, events, illegitimate self-employment)
  • Integration of new companies into payroll accounting
  • Training of employees in the personnel department
  • Company pension agreements
  • Electronic personnel file management
  • Optimisation of existing personnel processes
  • Company audits
  • Social security assessment of executive employees


Auditing of financial statements

  • Auditing annual accounts
  • Pragmatic approaches to solving accounting questions
  • Internal control system
  • Quarterly financial statements
  • Accounting handbooks

Assurance engagements

  • Resource allocation audit
  • Recoverability of contributions in kind upon formation
  • Werthaltigkeit von Sacheinlagen bei Kapitalerhöhung
  • Ordnungsmäßigkeit der Geschäftsführung nach § 53 HGrG
  • Operational processes
  • Internal control systems (ISAE 3402)
  • Financial and non-financial information
  • Formation audit
  • Transformation and merger


Internal accounting

  • Financing decisions
  • Cost and performance accounting


  • Financial processes
  • Accounting
  • Document management

Transaction consulting (M & A)

  • Company valuation
  • Fairness and second opinions

Process optimisation

  • Internal accounting
  • Controlling
  • Automation of company processes

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Associations and foundations make a valuable contribution to society.

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